Wanderlust fueled by a caffeine addiction. Welcome to my adventures.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Must-Have: My Morning Coffee

Obsessed With: Cardigans, Cafes & Craigslist

Theme Song: Indian Summer by Jai Wolf

Weekend Getaway: Malibu

What I’m Reading: The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedman


Find out just why this island was named “Barefoot Manta”.

one week

different island every night

My name is Raven & I am a Wisconsin native who recently lived abroad in Melbourne, Australia. My time there had been insane, as I’d been able to travel and immerse myself in new cultures and see heaps of new places I’ve never dreamed of setting foot in. As the United States are currently in lockdown, I’m waiting out my time on the peninsula of Wisconsin, whereafter I plan to move to Europe to continue my adventures. Until then, one may find me writing or volunteering. Aside from this blog, I was a part of an organization called Her Campus, where plenty of my work has been published and I interned as a writer with the Borgen Project, focused on global poverty. My hopes are to document my travels here as best as I can & keep the photos coming.

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